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Mental Health Challenge

5k Run Streak in Honor of Mental Health Awareness Week

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About the challenge

1 in 4 adults struggle with mental health each year in the US alone. Mental health is a pressing issue, but one that is not commonly addressed in our society due to prevailing stigmas.


Luckily, running is a powerful tool that can strengthen our mental health and enable us to live more mindful & fulfilling lives.

Our challenge is dedicated to mental health warriors who battle mental health on a daily basis or anyone who is simply looking to improve their mental health through exercise.


What does this involve?

"A 5k a day keeps the doctor away"

Our Mental Health Challenge is very simple. Over the course of 7 days, we challenge you to complete 25 miles, or a 5k each day, in order to improve your mental health.


Each day, you will complete the running streak and submit your results and reflections inside our community platform. A winner will be announced at the end of each day to receive special prizes from our partners.


Additionally, we will provide one new mindfulness tip each day and give you the opportunity to put it into practice. There will be live check-ins with our coaches and other members throughout the week in order to keep you accountable!


How to get started

Exercise and Healthy Diet

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