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Tired of not seeing any improvement in your races?

Learn how to improve your speed and PR at your next event 



Mind-Body Wellness

What Do I Teach?

About the Course

This course gives you the tools and knowledge on how to create your own training program that will set you up to PR in your next event

Basic Foundations

We break down the basics on what a successful training program should look like. What things to focus on, what mistakes to avoid, and what key elements are needed to increase your running speed.

Program Creation

Learn how to create a training program by breaking it down into specific themes or goals to work on. We talk about how to progress your long runs, when to taper, and creating a schedule that works best for you!

Heart Zones & Thresholds

Learn how to make your program specific to you by finding your own heart rate zones and intensities. We talk about the best ways to find your max heart rate and lactate threshold. Also includes a step by step protocol on how to find them yourself. 

Example Workouts

Learn example workouts for different blocks of your training and how to create your own workouts. We go through what fundamentals differences each workout will have and wrap up how you will be able to PR in your next event!

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Presented by Kailey Cozza,
Certified Run & Strength Coach

Meet Coach Kailey Cozza! She is from Fresno, California. and has always grown up running. In high school she competed in state competitions, then in college she transitioned into coaching while getting her degree in exercise science.


She currently specializes in strength training, cycling, and long distance running. She loves being a part of a community of runners who share the same love of getting better and stronger than they were before. Her favorite mental health practice is finding quiet and stillness. She thinks it's so healthy to have time alone to reflect on your thoughts, practice gratitude, and be still. It's hard to do nowadays but going for a run, being in nature, or sitting in the sauna are her favorite ways to meditate. She is excited to interact with you all more - happy running!


Running Shoes

What Is Included

Our course discusses the following topics in-depth:

Breaking Down the Basics of a Successful Plan

Making Your Program Specific 

Creating a Training Program

Example Workouts


Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to improve their running and holistic well-being, specifically if you are struggling with improving your speed or just curious about incorporating strength training into your routine.

How do I watch the videos?

Upon purchase you will get access to stream them over the web (even iOS devices!), hosted on our community platform.

Is the course self paced? 

Completely. Watch each lesson at your own pace and move on to the next whenever you are ready.

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