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My Favorite Run Mental Health Challenge

More than 21% (About 25%) of adults struggle with mental health each year in the US alone. Mental health is a pressing issue, but one that is not commonly addressed in our society due to prevailing stigmas. Luckily, running is a powerful tool that can strengthen our mental health and encourage us to live more mindful & fulfilling lives.

What is this?

Whether you are a long-time community member or you are brand new here, welcome to the My Favorite Run 5K (or 3 mile) a Day Mental Health Challenge! The challenge starts tomorrow.


Over the next 7 days, we challenge you to complete 21 (or 25) miles (3 miles consecutively) to commemorate this staggering statistic (or in honor of these mental health warriors) and reflect on how you can use running as a tool to strengthen your mental health. Each day will have a specific theme/reminder related to mindful running, as well as a tip on how to use running to improve your mental health.

OR as a group, collective run more than X miles to commemorate X big statistic. Each participant contributes to the goal of completing X km by end of week (receive a grand prize for doing so).


In the process, you will learn how to use running as a tool to improve your mental health and holistic well-being to live a more fulfilling life. We will explore the principles of mindful running and how to properly apply mindfulness in both your running and daily life.

Fulfill the criteria and you'll automatically be entered to win a fabulous prize from one of our Challenge Sponsors! One winner per challenge.

How it works?

Our Mental Health Challenge is very simple. Each day, you will complete the running streak and submit your results & reflections inside our challenge page. Additionally, you will explore one new strategy around your mental health and complete a short practical exercise to put it into practice. We will be offering live check-ins with our coaches and other members throughout the week in order to keep you accountable.

How to join this challenge?

Register to join the challenge using the form below

Create a profile and sign into our Circle community

Introduce yourself on the Welcome page:

What is your running background/story?

Why did you join the Mental Health Challenge?

What are you hoping to achieve?

Our Key Events & Group Session Dates

MAY 13

Mid-Challenge Check In

MAY 16

Debrief & Next Steps 

MAY 10

Live Kickoff Call with Coaches/Existing Members

What is My Favorite Run Community?

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What is the purpose behind this challenge specifically?

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What if I miss a day?

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How do I keep track and prove my progress?

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