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August Running Challenge

Which region can accumulate the most miles?

About the Challenge

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Struggling to stay motivated and consistent in your running? 

Then this is the challenge for you! For the month of August,

our Favorite Runners from different parts of the world will compete to see which geographic region can accumulate the most miles for that month.


This is an amazing challenge you can undertake at the start of the month. Contribute to your team's overall mileage through your own running efforts. Try to run at least 1 mile each and every day regardless of the weather or how you feel.


Make it fun and keep yourself accountable by tracking your runs through your running watch or app and connect with other runners through the My Favorite Run community.

What's Involved

Here's what you get from joining our challenge

Global Teams


Form groups based on geographic region and contribute mileage to your team's overall score.



Join a dedicated community to get accountability and support during this challenge and beyond.

Special Prizes


The top three teams will receive 

special prizes for participating in the challenge.


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Benefits of the challenge

This challenge gives our members the opportunity to:

- Cultivate consistency, motivation and accountability

- Meet like-minded runners from all across the world 

- Join our private community and Strava group

- Get a chance of winning prizes from our partners

- Get their story featured on our social media pages


How do I register for the challenge? 

Fill out the application for the circle community and once you're in the community you will have access to the challenge. 

Is this a one time challenge?

The August global run is a one time challenge, but we add new challenges to the community every month. 

How do I join the My Favorite Run community?

Fill out the application by clicking the link below. It costs $20 per month  to be a part of our closed community (challenge included).

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